Disposable Chopsticks (Set of 100 pairs)

Disposable Chopsticks (Set of 100 pairs)
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These Disposable Chopsticks come separated and sleeved in pairs. As such, they are the most convenient for your guests. And, they guarantee the latter's enjoyment of their meal with their nice thickness, sturdy make, smooth sides, and 9-inch long size. Completely made of bamboo, these disposable chopsticks essentially give you the bamboo chopsticks that you love in their simplest form, thus ready-to-go and disposable design. And, not only do they come ready for your events, like wedding, birthday, and the Chinese New Year, with their red paper sleeves' featured prints of the Chinese characters for Double Happiness, Good Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity, and Good Luck, it's also proven that they are the most preferred by Asian restaurants in and outside of Asia.

Kids and adults love these disposable bamboo chopsticks, too, from learning how to use the chopsticks to restaurant dining, eating on-the-go, as disposable party chopsticks, travel or picnic chopsticks, potato chip tongs, promotional chopsticks, chopstick crafts, and a lot more! So just grab these disposable bamboo chopsticks – whether for a small gathering, for your restaurant, or for your big event – and you are set to giving each and everyone the best meal even while on-the-go. Features:

  • Minimum order of 5 sets
  • Each set includes 100 pairs of disposable chopsticks in red paper sleeves
  • Made of 100% natural and sustainable bamboo. Rounded profile. Tapered tip
  • Personalized paper chopstick sleeves are also available upon request
  • Please email your artwork to Info@PersonalizedChopstickStore.Com

Disposable chopsticks are made in China.
Usually leaves our warehouse in 1-2 business days.
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