Chopstick Rests

These personalized Origami Crane Chopsticks Rests hint as the most elegant and auspicious origami crane chopstick rests for your wedding, Chinese New Year, and other special occasions' feast, they are also the perfect pair to your personalized chopsticks and they are even good on their own as Asian gifts and favors. Made of porcelain that is molded in the shape of a flying crane bird, these chic and statement-making origami crane chopsticks rest are also ideal as place card holders, takeaway chopstick rest favors, and toppers to your mini cake favors and desserts. And when not used as such, they make Asian decorations, too, for your tables and indoor spaces.

Luxuriate Your Tables with an Auspicious Asian Flair

Let the charm of these personalized origami crane chopsticks rest greet your family and guests at the dinner or party tables and leave them with nothing else but to enjoy the happy bond and the sumptuous taste of the Asian food and Asian cuisines that you have served-up for them. These personalized origami crane chopsticks give your family and guests the perfect place to rest their chopsticks and while they do, they accentuate your table setting with an auspicious, glamorous, and signature-style Asian flair.

You can use these personalized origami crane chopsticks with just about any meal and casual or special occasion – from the everyday and simple meals in your home, office, restaurant, hotel, and food-service business to sprucing-up your wedding banquet, Chinese New Year feast, birthday, anniversary, and other special occasions' table setting and all you have to do is to place each personalized origami crane chopstick rest diagonally on the top-right or top-left of each right-handed or left-handed family or guest's place setting so that the crane's beak faces its user and the latter's chopsticks can be easily nestled on one of the origami crane chopstick’s wings and its back.

Collect these personalized origami crane chopsticks in white and gold and have each of them personalized with a single-color print of your names and special date, or with any design of your choice, like your business logo, monogram, or artwork, to make them truly one-of-a-kind. Always remember to wash each of this personalized origami crane chopsticks rest by hand and to dry it with lint-free washcloth to maintain its porcelain finish and the vibrant shade of your custom printed text. These personalized origami crane chopsticks rests are available only here on, so get ready to set the trend and impress your crowd at how their fancied porcelain origami crane chopsticks rests can still be made extra-special for dining, Asian gifts, and party favors.

Crane Symbolism in the Asian Culture

The crane bird, also known as the heron, is one of the mythical and legendary birds in the Asian culture. These large grey birds are believed to live for as long as 1000 years and mate with a single crane during their lifetime, thus they are esteemed as the Chinese symbol for longevity, as well as the Asian symbol for lasting marriage and happiness. The importance of the crane as a symbol for lasting love has actually been stitched within the Asian culture that Asian brides would enthusiastically fold 1000 origami cranes, which have now become one of the most popular depictions of the crane, months before the wedding in the belief that these 1000 origami cranes, which are then strung together and decorated on the wedding venue, will realize her wish for a lasting marriage.

And for you who need to find the perfect inspiration for success, the crane birds' ability to find comfort in Earth, on Air, and in Water, to wait for their prey but pursue them so quickly, and to live their life calmly apparently present them as an inspiration for achieving success in at least three (3) aspects, e.g., in being versatile, in waiting patiently for a reward, and in living gracefully and in the now.

Bring these beautiful inspirations of the crane wherever you go through these personalized origami crane chopsticks rests, even complement them with the crane chopsticks that are perfect for you and which you can buy here on our store at bulk rate.