Cooking Chopsticks

These Cooking Chopsticks are a must-have for cooking the authentic Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines, plus all the other Asian foods that you love! Use these to make dim sum, steaks, soups, noodles, stir-fried meat and vegetables, seafood platters, rice rolls, and desserts. Have these as the personalized cooking chopsticks and serving chopsticks of your restaurant because these will surely tell your diners of your pride to bring them only the best specialties from Asia. Add these to your brand's wide range of personalized chopsticks and promotional chopsticks. Have these for when your family and friends gather for hot pot, barbecue, holiday feasts, and special occasions. And, let everybody's love for Asian food grow even more by having these for your chopsticks gifts and wedding or party favors.

All-Purpose as Kitchen Tools and Asian Tableware

Cooking chopsticks are an infallible addition not only for your kitchen, but also for your Japanese or Chinese hot pot feast, Korean barbecue, everyday meals, and celebratory spread for the Chinese New Year, for your birthday dinner, wedding, and other special occasions. Hailing from the Eastern side of Asia, it is easy to see where cooking chopsticks got their use and many interesting design inspirations from. All-purpose as kitchen tools and Asian tableware, a pair of cooking chopsticks can actually go from the kitchen to the table. But, despite their popularity for use in Asian-style cooking and serving Asian and Oriental cuisines, cooking chopsticks are actually believed to be made not only for such because they can actually come in so handy, too, for when you make a wide range of Asian-inspired and Western cuisines..

A great Asian meal – especially, Oriental and Southeast Asian meal – is intricate. It consists of the freshest ingredients. And, it is so rich in color and flavor. That is why, while you can surely use other kitchenware and cooking utensils when you make ramen or fresh kimchi salad, when you deep-fry in Chinese-style their favorite spring rolls and seafoods, like prawns, squid, and rock lobster, when you stir-fry the meat, vegetables, and noodles for a Chinese, Japanese, or Southeast Asian dish, when you set the table with a collection of Asian snacks and sweets fit for a graze, when you prepare the Yee Sang or prosperity salad for the Chinese New Year, when you dine with family and friends over a Korean, Chinese, or Japanese one-pot dish or barbecue, and when you serve dim sum and sushi, among many others, using the traditional Asian cookware and kitchen tools, like the chopsticks, can actually make the job easier.

How to Buy Cooking Chopsticks?

Shopping for cooking chopsticks, you must have already met their large spectrum of different styles or designs, lengths, and makes. But, before you get lost among your plethora of choices here is our shopping guide to help you how to buy cooking chopsticks.

Cooking Chopsticks Length Guide

The most important consideration when you buy cooking chopsticks is that they come in different lengths. Thus, while cooking chopsticks are, basically, shaped the same, they are used in various ways in the kitchen, e.g., such as for cooking, plating, and for serving food on the tables.

If you have also tried to cook and scoop hot food with a ladle, you definitely know the discomfort and the mess that can happen when your ladle is not the right length. The same is true with cooking chopsticks. As such, getting the right cooking chopsticks length will not only ensure your comfort, but also your safety and their optimum function.

So, which size or length your cooking chopsticks should be?

To begin with, think about the purpose of your cooking chopsticks. You will also want the length of your cooking chopsticks to suit what you will cook or serve and the height of the pot or bowl that you are serving out of. The typical cooking chopsticks are 13 to 15 inches long and they can be used for a wide range of Asian tabletop cooking and stovetop cooking needs. There are also the 9.5-inch cooking chopsticks and they are slightly longer than the typical chopsticks, so they can also be used as eating chopsticks. There are the 10.5-inch cooking chopsticks, which are typically used for Asian tabletop cooking and as serving chopsticks, such as for sushi, vegetables, dumplings, and rice. There are the 11.75-inch cooking chopsticks, which are ideal for plating. And, there are the extra-long 16.5-inch cooking chopsticks, which are favored for the way they help to protect the hands from the heat, the splatter of oil, and for use when cooking pasta, noodles, and barbecue.

The Material for Cooking Chopsticks

Interestingly, cooking chopsticks are available in almost the same plethora of material choices as the other kitchen utensils. Thus, while they are usually found being made of wood or bamboo, they are also available in stainless steel, silicone – perfect for when you need them to be gentle and not scratch your precious pots and non-stick pans, and even in styles consisting of different materials, like a wooden handle and metal tip.

So, which cooking chopsticks material is the best to choose? For this, you may want to consider factors, like your style preferences, budget, and the intended use of your cooking chopsticks.

Bamboo Cooking Chopsticks:

Bamboo grows so fast, which is why bamboo cooking chopsticks are made with sustainability in mind. Much like the bamboo eating chopsticks, bamboo cooking chopsticks are ideal for a wide range of kitchen needs and commonplace in the Asian kitchen. Bamboo cooking chopsticks are very lightweight. They resist heat well. Their shiny surface also makes them less porous, that is why, they are resistant to stains and bacteria and easy to clean. Proper care, however, requires that you should wipe your bamboo cooking chopsticks immediately to dry, that they should not be soaked in water for over 30 minutes, and that they be stored in a cool and dry place. Otherwise, they will rot, scratch, or crack so easily.

Wooden Cooking Chopsticks:

The top choice of chefs, wooden cooking chopsticks will give you not just the strength, but also the beautiful finish and color of natural wood. Among the most popular types of wooden cooking chopsticks are the following:

  • Beechwood Cooking Chopsticks: Easily distinguished for their light wood color, you will never go wrong with beech wood cooking chopsticks for everyday use at home or in your restaurant and food-service business. That is because they are hard-wearing being made of hard wood. They pride the same material that is used for many types of kitchen utensils. And, because of their very fine pores, they are considered non-porous and this helps to prevent the growth and build-up of moisture, dirt, bacteria, and germs on your chopsticks.
  • Red Sandalwood Cooking Chopsticks are a must for that truly Asian look and feel because of their beautiful and natural reddish hue.
  • Rose Wood Cooking Chopsticks: If the premium look of dark brown cooking chopsticks are what you seek, then rose wood cooking chopsticks must be it. Great-looking for use in the kitchen, rose wood cooking chopsticks ought to grace your special occasions, too.

Being made of solid wood, wooden cooking chopsticks – as compared to bamboo chopsticks – have a nice weight to them. They are a great choice for long-term use. And, users love how they feel comfortable to hold. When shopping for wooden cooking chopsticks, you will also find that many of them are sold unfinished or without paint or wax. But, of utmost importance is to look for a pair that is burr-free and non-slip.

Stainless Steel Cooking Chopsticks:

Stainless steel cooking chopsticks pride the same material that is a trusted choice in kitchens worldwide. They are also dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, hard-wearing, mildew-proof, and resistant to high temperature. Thus, it is easy to see why they are favored for home and restaurant use.

Melamine Cooking Chopsticks:

Melamine cooking chopsticks have the look and feel of plastic. But, they are hard, break-resistant, and heat-resistant up to a certain time and temperature. Proper care, however, requires protecting them from stains and scratches in order to keep them looking clean.

Fiberglass Cooking Chopsticks:

Fiberglass cooking chopsticks are high-temperature resistant. They can look good as new even after 2 to 5 years of use. They are dishwasher-safe, more durable than wood and bamboo, and will not rust or corrode because they do not absorb water.

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