Personalized Chopsticks, Wedding Chopsticks, and Many More

Personalized Chopsticks, Wedding Chopsticks, and Many More
Don't you love getting chopsticks as gifts, shopping for personalized chopsticks, wedding chopsticks, and chopsticks for gifts, or giving your Asian table setting the perfect touch of the finest chopsticks?

Chopsticks are considered as a powerful symbol for prosperity, long life, unity, and strength as on top of their utility and attractive designs, they signify the abundance of great food, they have also witnessed countless bonding moments when family and friends share a meal. Many stories have also been told about the chopsticks as a symbol for strength and unity, just like the ancient Chinese story, which tells of a man who showed his three (3) sons how a chopstick tends to break so easily, but not when it is put together in a bunch of chopsticks.

For these rich symbolism, their usefulness, and beautiful designs, chopsticks are recognized in Asia as thoughtful, auspicious, and practical gifts. There are many types of chopsticks that are perfect for gifts, favors, and souvenirs. Among which are the following:

Personalized Chopsticks

Personalizing chopsticks start with printing, drawing, or painting your own words or image on a pair of chopsticks. Personalized chopsticks are not at all a recent addition to the roster of the world's beautiful and unique chopsticks as even during the ancient times, Chinese and Japanese artists would use chopsticks as a canvas for their work of art.

With such great motif featured for their design, personalized chopsticks have proven to be useful in so many ways as they can put a fine Asian flair to a table setting, they are unique as chopsticks favors for your Asian-themed parties, engagement party personalized favors, personalized bridal party gifts, personalized groomsmen gifts, and even as promotional chopsticks.

Wedding Chopsticks

Three (3) of the most popular choice for wedding chopsticks are the Double Happiness Chopsticks, which bear the Chinese symbol for Shuang Xi that sends the newlyweds with wishes for a lifetime of happiness and love; the Dragon and Phoenix Chopsticks, which feature the celestial couple, the Dragon and the Phoenix; and, the Crane Birds Chopsticks, which feature the mythical bird that is believed to grant 1000 years of life and happiness to a couple.

The chopsticks are considered as one of the traditional gift for newlyweds as they are believed to shower the latter with the blessings of a son, a happy family, abundance, and unity. Today, modern couples, are also giving their guests wedding chopsticks for favors or Thank You gifts and to wish them, as well, with happiness and prosperity.

Decorative Chopsticks

Typically distinguished for their rich colors and ornate designs, decorative chopsticks are not only great for adding a tad of pizzazz to your dinner party tables, Chinese curio, or collection of Asian dinnerware, as they can also bear snippets of the Asian culture by way of colorful prints of traditional Asian motifs, their expensive materials, like silver and ivory, or precious adornment, like Oriental pearl or jade. When intending to use decorative chopsticks for dining, be sure to consider the type of material that is used to make them as some may be solely intended for decorating, the ingestion of harmful materials, like toxic paint,that is used to make them should be avoided.

Children's Chopsticks

Even the smallest member of the family will surely want to have his or her own pair of chopsticks. Kids, during their childhood, may need chopsticks of various lengths and type, like training chopsticks, 5-inch chopsticks which are popular among the 1 to 2 year olds; 5.5 inch chopsticks for 3 year olds; 6-inch chopsticks for 4 year olds; 8-inch chopsticks for kids aged 12 or 13, and so on. Children's chopsticks also come in attractive designs, thus teaching kids how to use chopsticks, as well as dining and partying with Asian cuisines, would surely be a breeze and a lot more fun.

Chopsticks Gift Sets

When it comes to giving gifts for the newlyweds, for a friend who loves to travel to Asia, the boss who loves to host dinner parties, or the whole family, chopsticks gift sets are always a quick and no-fail choice. Chopsticks gift sets frequently come as beautifully packaged one or more pair of chopsticks, some may also contain matching chopsticks rests, so finding the perfect quantity and style that suits your recipient's needs is not only a breeze, making their home or Asian dining collection more lovely is also possible.

Shop Personalized Chopsticks, Wedding Chopsticks, and Many More

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