Disposable Japanese Chopsticks w/ Landscape Sleeves (Set of 10 Pairs)

Disposable Japanese Chopsticks w/ Landscape Sleeves (Set of 10 Pairs)
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Bring the beauty of Asia's lush countryside through these Disposable Japanese Chopsticks with Landscape Sleeves, which house each pair of Japanese Tensoge chopsticks in a semi-closed paper chopstick sleeve that features a Japanese Hiragana and a soft watercolor imprint of brown and green rolling hills. Value-packed for your dinner and party for up to ten (10) guests, these Asian dining staple are also ideal for household, commercial use, and for gifts. Take pride in offering these disposable Japanese chopsticks to your guests, which are planned for giving you and them a truly enjoyable Asian dining experience. Features:

  • Each set includes ten (10) pairs of disposable Japanese chopsticks
  • Each pair of disposable Japanese tensoge measures 9.5 inches long
  • Made of bamboo. Paper sleeves can be folded to be used as chopstick rest
  • Please email your artwork to Info@PersonalizedChopstickStore.Com

Japanese Chopsticks are imported from Japan.
Processing Time: 1-2 business days

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