15 ft. Cord Kit for Paper Lanterns

15 ft. Cord Kit for Paper Lanterns
Regular Price: :$9.99

This 15 Feet Cord Kit for Paper Lanterns features:

  • These 15 feet Cord Kit for Paper Lanterns are sold individually
  • Color: Black. UL-listed for safety and functionality
  • 15-feet 460 cord kit with 2-pin standard plug socket
  • includes an in-line switch about 35" from the plug
  • Suggested for lantern sizes 12" and above
  • To avoid overheating, please follow this guideline:
    • 12" to 14" lanterns: Use 40-watt bulbs only
    • 16" to 22" lanterns: Use 60-watt bulbs only
    • 24" to 36" lanterns: Use 100-watt bulbs only
  • Light bulb is sold separately

Lantern Light Kits are imported from China
Processing Time: 1-2 Business Days (Excludes Shipping Time)

The C-hook provided on each of our paper lanterns' metal wire expander helps you to attach and secure a lantern light bulb onto each paper lantern easily. To do this:

  • Secure this lantern cord kit in place around the lantern's metal wire expander.
  • Screw-on the lantern light bulb on the light socket.
  • Insert the paper lantern cord through the top aperture of the paper lantern
  • Secure the lantern light kit's wire through the C-hook, ensuring that the lantern's light bulb will fall at the center of the lantern's height and firmly stays in place so that it does not touch or come in contact with the lantern once when lit.

Your Chinese lantern will hang from the electric cord, so no additional hanging accessories, such as nylon strings, clear fishing lines, or lantern hooks are necessary. You can also attach an extension cord if the length of this lantern light kit's plug runs short in distance to the power outlet.

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