Chinese Spoons with a Hook (Set of 12)

Chinese Spoons with a Hook (Set of 12)
Chinese Spoons with a Hook (Set of 12)
Chinese Spoons with a Hook (Set of 12)
Regular Price: :$18.00

These Chinese Spoons with a Hook can easily hold onto the rim of a bowl, thus with them, your guests will no longer have to worry that their soup spoon or dessert spoon might accidentally sag or dip onto their soup or dessert, respectively. Featuring a deep bowl with a wall, these white porcelain soup spoons with a hook make scooping the liquid part of the dish or the latter’s chunks of meat, fruits, or vegetables so much easier. They boast a very nice weight, too, and so elegant – one touch and a glance, they are sure to let your family, friends, and guests know that they are in for the best treat at your home, restaurant, or party. Features:

  • Sold in sets of 12; Each set includes 12 pieces of Chinese spoons without any custom printed design
  • Made of porcelain; Each Chinese soup spoon or Asian soup spoon also measures 5.75" long x 1.75" wide
  • Custom logo printing is also available upon request ($50 set-up fee)

Chinese Soup Spoons are made in China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excluding transit time)

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