Bamboo Spatula

Bamboo Spatula
Bamboo Spatula
Bamboo Spatula
Bamboo Spatula
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These Bamboo Spatulas are very durable and lightweight. They are nicely-thick and have a smooth edge, so they will not scratch your precious ceramic, glass, and non-stick cookware. They are completely made of bamboo, so you can expect them to be of great use in your home, restaurant, or canteen as bamboo cooking utensils, dining accessories, or bamboo ladles, even for stove-top cooking. And, they are easy to clean, low-maintenance, all-natural, and biodegradable – they are really the next best addition for your kitchen. So, be sure to equip your kitchen with these bamboo spatula and, in so doing, upgrade its productivity. These bamboo spatula also make great gifts for the holidays, especially for your family and friends who love to cook. They are not to be missed as souvenirs and party favors, too, such as of your food tasting party and housewarming party. Without a doubt, your family, best friends, and gift recipients will love the convenience and versatility of these bamboo spatula so much – these will eventually become a staple in their kitchen, too!


  • Choose from three (3) types of bamboo spatula:
    • 8 Inch Bamboo Spoon Spatula: Can be used as rice paddle, for stirring sauces, and mixing salads
    • 12.75 Inch Shovel Bamboo Spatula or long handle turner. Can be used for fried dishes
    • 12 Inch Bamboo Sponula: Can be used for scooping, folding, stirring, scraping, blending, etc.
  • Each type of bamboo spatula is sold individually
  • Made of natural bamboo. Hand-wash with soap and water
  • Heat-resistant; Will not scratch non-stick surfaces
  • Custom logo printing is available upon request ($50 set-up fee)
  • Please contact us at
  • Or call us at 610.438.0632 for more information

Bamboo Spatula are made in China
Processing Time: 1-2 business days

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